Website Development

Hello! Thanks for your interest in my services. Please note that I am not taking on new clients (design/development from scratch and/or major redesigns/revisions of existing sites) at the moment, as I’m at capacity!

Look-and-feel designs with flexible layouts that adapt to the capabilities of many devices and screen sizes. I create iteratively and don’t waste time mocking up static visuals.

Clients get plenty of opportunities to review my work and provide feedback.

If you have a pre-existing website with text and image content, I can migrate this to your new website.


I deliver websites developed from HTML markup, CSS stylesheets (using SCSS) and unobtrusive JavaScript. I also use PHP to provide and customise functionality.

All websites are tested in current versions of major desktop browsers from the likes of Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla. I also test in mobile versions of browsers by Apple and Google, on iOS and Android respectively.

Further info

Take a look at my standard contract template. There’s more detail on what I offer, and how I offer it.

Let me supply your hosting and I’ll serve your website securely from day one.


Total fees predominantly fall within the range of £380 – £990.

Naturally, fees go up with the size and complexity of the project.

Because finding lump sums isn’t always easy, I’m quite happy to discuss payment plans that spread the cost over 12 months.

Get in touch

You could also drop me an email direct, or feel free to call.