Four reasons to pick me for your web hosting

After recently getting inundated with literally one email asking “Why wouldn’t I just stick with getting my web hosting from a ‘big’ company?” it seemed worthwhile that I provide an easy reference listicle for those similarly curious.

Read on, George – this is for you.

1. One-to-one personal support

Here’s something you just don’t get from a faceless multinational corporation (usually)! All my website hosting clients get the benefit of my experience at any/all stages of our working together. So whether you’ve literally never set up a website before and would appreciate a hand, or you’ve got questions that need better-than-stock answers – I’ve got your back, Jack.

2. Great, unrestricted features

No limits on disk space? Check. No limits on bandwidth? Check. Lots of email addresses and/or databases? Covered. cPanel access if you want it, or I can look after that bit if you’d prefer. Works super with WordPress (that’s what I use it for anyway) and I can install a bunch of other popular web applications too – including phpBB, MediaWiki, Drupal, Joomla and Magento. Oh, and I can also get you set up with a SSL certificate.

3. Free migration service

Take all/most of the hassle of switching web hosting providers if you’ve already got a site set up. I can usually migrate your whole site, exactly as is – and if for any reason I can’t, we’ll work out the next best solution together (which occasionally might not be free).

4. Competitive pricing

I charge a yearly fee of £45.00 for my website hosting service. I feel like this is super value; but it’s good to check the facts and numbers sometimes, and not just our feelings. So I’ve put together this little comparison to show you how much you’d be paying for similar features and service from ‘big’ companies.

Prices correct as of September 2017.

5. Special bonus offer

What’s this? A fifth reason tacked on the end, despite the title blatantly stating there were supposedly only four reasons in this post? Why yes! Now then, are you the proud owner of more than two websites? Or do you own two websites and are thinking of starting a third? Well listen up! In what I’m calling my 3-4-2 offer, all clients hosting two websites with me get hosting for the third on the house. That’s £90.00 a year for the hosting of three websites. Bananas.


Thanks for reading. If all/any of this has you even in the least bit intrigued about what I can do for your web hosting requirements, please do get in touch. You can email [email protected], call 01425 478042, or fill out my super quick contact form over here and I’ll get right back to you.

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