Addressing the issue: business email

Catching the eye

My partner (soon to be wife) and I have a bit of a thing about noticing an unfortunate trend on sign-written cars, vans, and elsewhere. Perhaps you’ve noticed it too. It’s when a business (usually, but not always, sole traders like myself) has a website, and proudly displays the domain name – – and then, immediately above or below, places their email address: perhaps, or maybe*.

It’s absolutely forgivable. People set up small businesses to make a living doing the things they enjoy and are good at. For very many of us, computers and the internet are incidental to our main focus. So we buy a domain name because we know it’s an important thing to have. Maybe we even set up a website on it, so potential customers can learn a little about us and find out how to get in touch. But email – email can be a massive pain in the neck, and we very often choose to stick with what we’ve got, or just set up an alternate Gmail address.

This trend is unfortunate because in reality setting up custom email addresses for your domain name – like [email protected] – is a straightforward process for anyone (like me) whose small business’ main focus is computers and the internet. The vast majority of my clients request it, and I’m more than happy to deliver at no additional cost alongside their website hosting package.

*I made up these email addresses for demonstration purposes only. They don’t work. Or they might work, but they’re not me!

Further info

I can talk tech specs if required, but leave them out here because they are mostly uninteresting. What’s key is that I provide email that ‘just works’ – and if it ever just doesn’t I’m on hand to provide support.

My only requirement is that you have an active Scattershot Creative website hosting package for your domain name, more details here. There’s no obligation to have your website designed or maintained by me, and you can even continue to renew your domain name with your existing provider (though I may be able to offer it cheaper).

Get in touch

Drop me an email, or feel free to call.