About Scattershot

Scattershot Creative is the trading name of freelancer Colin Thurston: primarily a web developer, but also an all-round techie. Currently based just outside of Ilminster in Somerset, I work locally, nationally, and internationally – remotely and in person.

I’ve been working with the web for well over a decade – having started out “hand writing” websites with just HTML – and have tinkered (successfully) with computers since before the modern internet was even a thing. I moved everything I do under the banner of Scattershot Creative in February 2016, mostly for the sake of my own administrative sanity.

About me

From LinkedIn:

Currently a Royal Mail postman and freelance web developer. I love teaching myself new things and reading/watching more science fiction than is probably wise.

I’m on Twitter @scatter_chatter. Contrary to the picture (right) I do occasionally have more hair and a beard.


Here’s a link to a blank version of my standard contract. In it, I clearly detail what I do and how I do it. Every client gets their own version of this, so we’re all on the same page.